1. Work Visas.

We work with employers in preparing and submitting non-immigrant work visas for temporary employment of foreign employees and advising on compliance in the following categories:

  • E-1 (Treaty traders).
  • E-2 (Treaty investors).
  • E-3 (Australian professionals in specialty occupations).
  • H-1B (Professionals in specialty occupations).
  • H-1B1 (Chilean and Singaporean professionals in specialty occupations).
  • L-1 (Intracompany transferees).
  • O-1 (Extraordinary ability individuals).
  • P-1 (Athletes and Entertainers).
  • TN (Canadian and Mexican professionals).
  • Maintain status and compliance.

2. Other Work Related Visas.

We advise employers/individuals and apply in the following visa categories:

  • B-1 (Short-term business assignments).
  • F-1 (Student visa; optional practical training; transition to H-1B).
  • H-2B (Essential skill workers).
  • H-3 (Trainees).
  • I-1 (Foreign media representatives).
  • J-1 (Exchange visitors).
  • P-2 (Reciprocal exchange artists and entertainers).
  • P-3 (Cultural exchange visitors).
  • R-1 (Religious workers).

3. Family-Based Non-immigrant Visas:

We advise individuals on compliance and apply visas in the following categories:

  • K-1 (Fiances/fiancees of U.S. citizens).
  • K-3 (Spouses of U.S. citizens).
  • V-1 (Spouses of permanent residents).
  • V-2 (Children of permanent residents).